Hello! Welcome again to my blog. This time, I just wanna share about my travelling experience 9D8N in Taiwan. Speaking about Taiwan, many young people do not have interest about that particular country because they think (1) Travelling to Taiwan is only for old people, (2) Taiwan is not a modern country like Japan or Korea, (3) Taiwan mainly tourist attraction are temples that are so boring. But trust me its all a big wrong! Despite that, Taiwan has so many interesting place and worth to visit. Beside that, Taiwan is well-known for their culinary dishes, for those who like to taste different kinds of culinary, it’s certainly worth to try. If you’re planning on travelling to Taiwan, hope this blog can give you some reference.


Taiwan Visa

For Indonesian Passport Holders, who have a visa or resident card from one of these countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Schengen, UK, or US can apply visa using Online Application and this is free of charge with conditions: 1. The visa is still valid; 2. Visa that expired not more than 10 years (within 10 years) of the date of expected arrival in Taiwan. For apply Visa using Online click Here. After finished apply Visa, the visa must be printed out and bring it with you when you travel to Taiwan.

We both have Japan Visa, so we only need to apply via Online. The process is so easy, not more than 5 minutes we already finished apply it, then we printed out it in A4 Paper.

• For those whose name contain only one word, just fill in Surname Column.

• For the one who is still confused which visa number that should be use or fill, you could look at below picture.

For those who doesn’t have a visa or resident card from one of these countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Schengen, UK, or US you need to apply visa. For more detail, you can read it Here .

* For those who live in Medan City, if you want to apply Taiwan visa, you can apply it via travel agent around Idr 800.000 to 900.000 or you can go to Jakarta to apply it yourself.

Before arriving in Taiwan, don’t forget to fill the Online Arrival Card in the immigration website , just click Here . The arrival card no need to be printed out, or you can fill it when arrive there.

Taiwan Itinenary

Our journey start from Medan – KL – Taiwan by M*lindo Air, the flight ticket price is about Idr 4.500.000/person for round trip and already include 30 kg Baggage and Meal.

It’s the First time and the last time, we will never fly with M*lindo air again. Our luggages TSA lock are founded in the condition of broken lock and being rummaged state by an unknown person 😭😭 (this happened at our flight from KualaNamu Medan to KLIA)

To explore Taiwan, we decided to take counter-clockwise (can see picture below) it starts from Central Taiwan (Taichung-SunmoonLake, Cingjing) → South Taiwan (Kaohsiung) → East Taiwan (Hualien-Tarako Gorge) → North Taiwan (Taipei -Jiufen and Shifen).

Taiwan Weather and Outfits

Spring in Taiwan is March to May, with lowest temperature around 15-22 ºC and highest temperature around 19-27 ºC. What to wear : long sleeves shirt with jeans or heavier long sleeves shirt.

Summer in Taiwan is June to August, with an average temperature around 30 ºC. Summer season is also typhoons season, at least three or four typhoons hit Taiwan every year. Typhoons season ends in September end. What to wear : short sleeves with short.

Fall in Taiwan is September to November, with an average temperature around 25 – 30ºC. In November end the lowest temperature around 18ºC. What to wear: long sleeves shirt or wear layer with light jacket.

Winter in Taiwan is December to February but the coldest month is January, with an average temperature around 8-19 ºC. For information, There is usually no snow in winter season at Taiwan, except in mountain area such as Hehuangshan. What to wear: long sleeves with jeans, or added with sweater/coat/padded jacket if necessary, depends on which part of the country you travel. The coldest area in Taiwan is on the north side, which is Taipei, Keelung, higher place likes Cingjing or mountain area. The warmest area in Taiwan is on the south side like Kaohsiung or Kenting.

Our trip starts from 28 dec 2017 – 5 Jan 2018, here’s our weather report:

28 dec, Taichung around 22ºC, day time no need jacket, just long sleeves shirt with jeans and night-time need jacket.

29 dec, Sunmoonlake around 20ºC, all day I wore jacket with jeans.

30 dec, Cinjing around 13-17ºC, all day I wore light padded jacket with jeans.

31 dec, kaohsiung around 22ºC, all day I wore light long sleeves with jeans.

1 jan, Taipei around 16ºC, all day I wore light long sleeves with padded jacket with jeans

2 jan, Taroko gorge around 19-21ºC, all day I wore layer with jacket and jeans.

3 jan, Taipei around 17-22ºC, all day I wore light padded jacket with jeans. Night time will be more windy and cold, for those who couldn’t bear the cold temperature may need gloves or wear layer with padded jacket/windproof jacket.

4 jan, Jiufen and Shifen it’s around 22ºC, I wore my long sleeves all day with jeans.

5 jan, Taipei, it’s raining in the morning and the temperature around 17ºC, I wore my light padded jacket with jeans.

Day 1: Taoyuan airport – Taichung

After finished a long queue of the immigration and took our luggage, we (me and my husband) walked to the booths sell pre-paid simcard, (you can found it in terminal 1: first floor and third floor(departure area)) and bought simcard. We bought Chunghwa simcard, why Chunghwa? Because Chunghwa is the largest telecommunications operator in Taiwan so the internet connection to be sure is stable and fast. We bought 10 days pass with costs NT 500 (unlimited and airtime NT100).

Before heading to Taichung city, we also bought IPass at Hi life convenient store (or click here for more information where to buy IPass) and bought Subway bread for our lunch.

Just information, IPass is like a transport card in Taiwan:

  • It’s cover all metro line in Taipei, Taoyuan and Kaohsiung.
  • All city buses in Taiwan
  • All Train services in Taiwan, except Puyuma Express, Taroko Express, tourist express, group express, other TRA designated trains (special and reserve seat services).
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail (Non-Reserved).
  • IPass also can be used in other services like: rent bicycle, E-Da ferris wheel, Taxi, etc.

For more information about IPass, can click here

In Taiwan beside IPass, there is also another popular electronic Transportation Pass, it’s called Easy Card. What is the different? Actually both of IPass and Easycard have the same function, there is really no major differences between the two types of cards. If your journey mostly covers the Taipei city, you can buy Easy Card but if you also travelling to Kaohsiung you can buy IPass. As we know, Easy card can’t able to reload at Kaohsiung, so for the one who use Easy card in Kaohsiung, don’t forget to reload before arrive at Kaohsiung.

We went to bus terminal in Terminal 1, basement 1 (or you can find it in Terminal 2, level1) to take direct bus (Ubus) to Taichung Railway Station, the trip take around 2.5 hours.

* If you want directly go to Taipei City, you can take Taoyuan Airport MRT to Taipei City. It takes 35 minutes only! The MRT is convenient and save much time than taking bus

Taoyuan Airport MRT

We arrived in Taichung at about 17.00. From Taichung station we walked to our hotel (Chance Hotel) – near Taichung station to check-in. We booked the hotel at Agoda for Idr 700.000/night.

When we reached Taichung city, it’s already evening. We didn’t go to anywhere else, just went to FengJia Night Market for hunting food.

We walked from our Hotel to nearest bus stop and took no 25/35 bus to FengJia University. After arrived at Fengjia University, we walked around 10 minute to reach the largest Night Market in Taiwan – Fengjia Market!

  1. Minglun Pancake (明倫蛋餅), we ordered their best seller pancake (egg with pork) NTD 40. I am an egg lover, so the food is delicious for me, but not for my husband as he said the taste is just fine.
  2. Chicken cutlets with ekstra chili NTD 70, the chili not spicy, the taste is just fine.
  3. Chou toufu NTD 60, The smell is so stinky, I don’t like it. 🙈
  4. Sausage with glutinous rice NTD 50, from many street food we tried, this one is the most delicious.👍
  5. Pork bun with pepper NTD 40, the taste is so-so, nothing special.
  6. Milk tea NTD 40, the famous drink in Taiwan is Pearl Milk Tea and it’s so tasty, not too sweet or too bland
  7. Oyster egg NTD 60, well it’s not really that tasty for me, its full of egg than the oyster.

If you want to go back by bus, keep in mind that the last stop is at 10pm, or you must get a taxi to go back.

For our next trip to Sunmoonlake, can click Here.

See you again in next post!