Hello! This is our second day in Taiwan. We woke up earlier to get ready for the day and took breakfast at cafeteria hotel (about our hotel we stayed at Taichung, can read here) before we start our journey. Today we are going to the largest and most beautiful alpine lake in Taiwan, which is Sun Moon Lake in Nantou.

How to get there? 

From our hotel, we walked to Gancheng station (about 10 minute) to buy Sun moon lake pass for NTD 730 . You can also buy it in HSR Taichung First Floor Exit 5, 7-11 i-bon.

The pass NTD 730 includes:

  • (Taichung – Sun Moon Lake) one-way bus ticket
  • (Taichung – Puli – Sunmoonlake) one way bus ticket
  • Sun Moon Lake Ropeway round-trip Voucher
  • Boat Voucher (Boat tours are available at the pier of Shueishe, Ita Thao and the Xuanguang Temple.)
  • Round-the-Lake Bus one day pass Voucher
  • Shuishe – Xiangshan Bus one-way Voucher.

For more information about Sunmoonlake pass, can see Here.

We took the 8.20 am bus to the Sunmoonlake and it took around 2 hours ride. For more information about timetable to Sunmoonlake, you can see it Here. The bus ride to Sunmoonlake is very comfortable, it has a large seat and large space for our legs.

What to do in Sunmoonlake?

We arrived at around 10 am in Shuishe Visitor Center. First thing to do in Shuishe visitor center is exchanged our boat vouchers.

boat voucher

Just for your info, you can take boats in a clockwise or counter-clockwise directions. The Shuttle boats sail between Shuishe Pier, ItaThao Pier and Xuanguang Pier, the boat operation hour is from 09.00 until 17.00.

After we got our boat vouchers, we walked to the Shuishe pier and went to Ita Thao pier with boat. From Shuishe pier it needs 15 minute ride to Xuangguang Temple pier or 30 minute ride to Ita Thao Pier.

At Ita Thao, you can find the old village of aboriginal Thao people and so many street foods, souvenir shops and restaurants.

  1. 豆干扣肉夾 (tofu with pork belly) NTD 50, the pork belly is delicious, the meat so smooth.
  2. 刈包 (bun with pork belly) NTD 50, we bought in the same place at 阿萨姆夹心豆干. The queue is very long but worth to try. We prefer the bun with pork belly, more delicious than tofu with pork belly. Must try! 👍
  3. We bought in the stall next to the 阿萨姆夹心豆干 stall, it’s like a fish stick with spicy sauce NTD 40. For Indonesian people, the chili doesn’t taste spicy at all, it tastes like a sweet sauce. The fish stick is so delicious and fresh.
  4. Roasted mochi NTD 40, we ordered mochi with peanuts and sesame seed. This mochi just so-so, nothing special with that mochi.
  5. Pearl milktea NTD 60, like another pearl milk tea in Taiwan, the taste is good enough.

We ate as we walked down along the path to the our next destination – Sunmoonlake Rope-way station to take Cable car to Formosa Aborigine Culture Village (needs around 20 minutes walk).

* Cable car operation hours 10.30 until 16.00 on weekdays and 10.00 until 16.30 on weekends and holidays. The rope-way service is not available on the first Wednesday of each month.

In cable car, we enjoyed the scenery so much and of course took some photos along the way, while we heading to that direction. We also can choose, if we want to ride regular cabin or crystal cabin. There is no additional cost for crystal cabin😊, so we choosed crystal cabin!

Due to time constraint and our pass doesn’t included free access to Theme park (fee entrance NTD 599), so we didn’t go to the Park.

After satisfiedly strolling around the Formosa Aborigine Culture Village we took back Cable car to Ropeway station. From Ropeway station we took round the lake bus to Wenwu Temple.

Round-the-lake bus timetable

Cross the road from Wenwu Temple, we can see the Lake clearly.

Other than wenwu temple, there are also other temples like: Xuanzang Temple, Xuanguang Temple and Matchmaker Temple in Longfeng Temple. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to explore other temples anymore.

After from Wenwu Temple, we took the round-the-lake bus again to the Visitor Centre and heading back to Taichung. If you go back Taichung with public bus, you must go early otherwise the bus will be fully loaded.

We didn’t stay overnight in here because there is nothing much to do in Sunmoonlake after evening. After arrived Taichung, we just strolling around our Hotel and decided to visit Taroko Mall (near Taichung station new building). On the way to Taroko Mall, we found a local restaurant who sells braised pork with rice. So, we decided to try and turns out it’s very delicious.

NTD 30

The seller could not speak English and there is no English menu available but don’t worry because they have posted best seller menu on the wall so we can just point at the picture to order what we want to eat.

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See you again in next post!