Hello! This is our third day in Taiwan. Today we are going to Cingjing Farm! Cingjing farm actually is a huge recreational farm area near mountain Hehuang and nowadays become popular tourist attraction in Taiwan. In Cingjing farm you not only can enjoy fresh air, lush forest, beautiful flowers along hillside but you can also interact with animal like sheeps, cows and horses. For the one who love nature, its really recommended to visit Cingjing farm.

We visited Cingjing farm in Winter. The weather is cold but not snowing, we need to wear light long sleeves with jacket and jeans. In the winter season, Cingjing grass already become yellow – brown color, so the scenery is not as beautiful as in spring or summer season but still worth to visit.

How to get there?

From our hotel (about our hotel in Taichung, can see here), we walked to Gancheng station (around 10 minute) to buy Cingjing Pass NTD 610 or you can buy it in HSR Taichung Station (first floor, exit 5).


Cingjing pass NTD 610 includes:

  • (Taichung – Puli) a round trip bus ticket
  • (Puli – Songgang (Cingjing farm)) a round trip bus ticket
  • Green green grassland admission ticket
  • (Cingjing guest house – green green grassland) one way bus ticket
  • Cingjing Guest House accommodation coupon (Weekdays 40% off, Holidays 15% off)
  • Cingjing skywalk admission ticket

For more information about Cingjing Pass, can see Here.

After had our Cingjing pass, we took the 9.15 am (8.20 am bus already full😭) bus to Cingjing Farm (the bus directly arrived in Cingjing, no need transfer at Puli).

Bus timetable
Bus Timetable

Because many people want to go to Nantou area and it’s weekend, the street was slightly fulled by cars, and we  jammed for a few moments. When we arrived in Cingjing farm it was already 12.30 pm, our first plan was going to Cartoon King for lunch and explored the Small Swiss Garden but due to the time constraint, we skipped that place and directly went to Qingqing Caoyuan/ green green grassland.

After enter the gate, remember to stamp yourself for multiple entries within that day.

The first thing we saw after enter the gate were sheeps. There were so many sheeps eating the grass and also the scenery which is really beautiful and surrounded with a very fresh air. We really enjoyed it!


Beautiful scenery at Cingjing Caoyuan

From there, we walked to Great Wall Trail which can allow us to reach Sheep show area or you also can walk along the path to reach Sheep show area.

In Cingjing farm, you can watching sheep show or horse show. In weekend both the sheep show and horse show are available in certain timings, but in weekdays just horse show is available.

Sheep Shearing Show Only weekends; national holiday; winter and summer vacation (except Wednesday) 09.30 am and 2.30 pm
Horse Show Daily 10.45 am and 3.45 pm

Luckily we visited Cingjing in Saturday so we can saw both the show.

For me, the lamb show is very boring. In the first 10 minutes, all it presents only dog perfomance with their talents, this is a sheep show or dog show??  so we just continue our journey to other destination – Guanshan Pastoral Area.

In Guanshan Pastoral Area many stalls selling various foods and drinks. Some stalls are selling local products and fruits. We bought 茶叶蛋 – tea egg (egg boiled with flavorings which may include black tea) NTD 15.


After finished ate the egg, we continue to next destination – Equestrian Show. The show starts at 3.45 pm, but in the beginning 15 minutes of the show, we just listened to the explanation about their horses from their MC, it was certainly boring. Until 4 pm, the show finally get started. Their performance was so great, the performers also very skillful and talented in equestrian sport. We both enjoyed the show so much.


It’s too bad, we didn’t watch the show till the end, because we afraid that the bus will get full. So, we had a quick walk to catch our bus to the Guanshan Pastoral Area.

After we arrived at Bus Stop near Guanshan Pastoral Area, we were shocked to find out the long queue in the bus line. There was so many people waiting for the bus too. Luckily, we got a place to sit. If not, we would be standing another 45 minutes inside the bus until the bus reached Puli Station (the 6658 bus doesn’t directly arrived at Taichung Gancheng Station, must transfer at Puli station) from Puli Station, we had to wait for another bus to Taichung Gancheng Station.

Thing to take the note is, the latest bus to Taichung city is at 18.25, so plan your time well. Otherwise, you must staying overnight at Cingjing, there is nothing to do at night time in Cingjing.

See you again in next post!