Hello! Today we are going to Kaohsiung by Train. There are 3 types Train services in Taiwan:

  • TRA (Train Railway Administration) – local train that access to a large majority of locations all over Taiwan, circling the whole island (clockwise and counter clockwise).
  • HSR (High speed Railway) – running along west coast Taiwan only, from Taipei Main station in north to Kaohsiung in south. There are 10 stations on the route: Taipei, Banciao, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan and Zuoying (for Kaohsiung) and HSR train faster than TRA train.
  • MRT (Mass Rapid Train) – high capacity public train that operate in bigger cities like Taipei and Kaohsiung.

After had our breakfast (the menu breakfast almost same all day) and checked-out Hotel (about our Hotel we stayed at Taichung, can click Here), we walked to Taichung Main station (new building) and took train to Xinwuri (around 10 minutes) at platform 1. We took 8.00 am train to Xinwuri NTD 14

Xinwuri station is connected with HSR station. After arrived at Xinwuri, we walked to HSR station to take HSR train to Kaohsiung (Zuoying Station) NTD 710.

We bought HSR reserved seat ticket by online (2 weeks before due date). After arrived HSR station, we need to printed out our tickets by ourselves at ticket vending machine.

We choosed HSR because its more efficient and it save our time (HSR only took 1 hour to reach Kaohsiung) than taking TRA but TRA cheaper than HSR.

Just for information, eating and drinking are allowed on both TRA and HSR train, so if you are chasing time, you can consider to buy lunch box/ snack to eat on the train or you can buy from food carts on the train.

Inside HSR train to Kaohsiung

After 1 hour, Tadaaa.. we arrived at Kaohsiung! From Zuoying HSR station, we walked to Zuoying MRT Station (Zuoying HSR station is connected with Zuoying MRT station) and took MRT (red line – Siaogang) to Kaohsiung arena station to get our hotel.

In Kaohsiung, we stayed at hotel R-14, the hotel is located near Kaohsiung arena station, exit 2. We booked at Agoda around Idr 2.000.000 for family room. The room price gets higher due to new year eve but the room so comfortable, clean and already include breakfast!

After we put our luggage in Hotel (can’t check-in yet), the first place we explored is Foguangshan. From our hotel, we walked to Kaohsiung Arena Station and took MRT to Zuoying Station, Exit 1. After exit the station, we waited at bus stop platform no 2 to Foguangshan. To reach Foguangshan it’s need around 45 minutes ride.

Inside Foguangshan, there are many shops, some sell local snacks/gifts, some high end restaurants and even Starbucks! All food in here is Vegetarian, no meat is allowed in this area.

We decided to take our Lunch in here, the buffet lunch costs NTD 100/person and all is Vegetarian. After finished our lunch, we have to return our own utensils back before leaving the dining hall.

Although we visited in December, the weather is quite hot. Don’t forget drink loads of water and also remember to wear good walking shoes because the place is so huge.

After satisfiedly strolling around the Foguangshan, we continue to our next destination – Lotus Pond. To get to Lotus Pond, we must head back to Zuoying Station, Exit 2 and wait 51 bus to Lotus Pond (this bus directly arrive at Lotus Pond) 🙂


往高鐵左營站 – To Zuoying Station























Lotus Pond is a popular tourist destination on the east side of Zuoying district. In Lotus pond, you can see lotus plants on the lake and the numerous temples around the lake, including the Spring and Autumn Pavilions (春秋閣), the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas (龍虎塔), and the Confucius Temple (孔廟).

After we arrived, we saw the huge Dragon and Tiger Pagodas and we must went through zigzag path to reach there. After arrived there, we saw a huge dragon and tiger mouth. which one to enter? Tiger or dragon mouth? The legend say, enter from dragon mouth first and exit from tiger mouth can transform bad luck into good luck. So we entered from dragon mouth, exit from tiger mouth.

Inside the body of the dragon, there are many of the garish paintings that show us scenes of God, heaven and hell to encourage people to perform good deeds during the lifetime.

Not far From Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, you can see Spring and Autumn Pavilion. It only take about 1 until 2 minutes to reach there.

In front of Spring and Autumn Pavilion, you can see turtle pond and Guanyin Statue riding a dragon.

Along the pond, we can see many Lotus Plant but unfortunately all the Lotus plant are dead.

We don’t have enough time to explore the entire pond. For who want to explore the entire pond you may be need a half day time or more.

From Lotus Pond, we continued our journey to Ruifeng Night Market – the largest night market in Kaohsiung. To get to Ruifeng, we must head back to Kaohsiung Arena exit 1. Today is the last day of 2017, there is a huge crowds of people at Ruifeng Night Market. It’s very difficult to buy some food, snack or other things. There are too many people, so we only tried some street foods as chicken fried chicken, xiaolongbao, pearl milk tea and mochi.

  1. Xiaolongbao NTD 80, We bought from the stall that located quite far, almost the end of the market area. That place already provided some seats and tables so we didn’t need to stand while eating. We ordered mixed xiaolongbao which contain shrimp, pork and fish filling (if i remembered correctly). For the taste, its delicious! 👍
  2. Mochi NTD 10/piece. We bought at 鲜奶麻薯 stall with matcha, milk, sesame seed and peanut flavours. The mochi texture was very chewy and smooth. Must try 👍
  3. Angel fried chicken NTD 70. Must try at Kaohsiung night market, but the queue is very long. We ordered the most spicy one (大辣). The taste is good enough! Even though the chicken meat is very thick yet it is well seasoned. But for the spicy taste, i think it isn’t spicy at all (Indonesian chilli is hotter🌶🌶). For who can’t eat spicy food maybe you can order 小辣或中辣 (little spicy or medium spicy) 👍
  4. Pearl milktea NTD 50, like usually Taiwan’s pearl milktea is the best! I love the bubbles so much, very chewy.

After satisfied strolling around the night until 11pm (don’t worry, there were still crowded although its already quite late), we went back to our hotel to take rest for continue our journey to Taipei in next morning!

See you again in next post!