Hello! Today is the first day of January 2018!

We get up at 06.00 am, we have a good sleep, good enough to recover our stamina. After had our bath, we packed our stuff into the luggage and we go down stair to have our breakfast 🍲🥞.

Our first plan, today we are going to Hualien with TRA train and stay overnight in Bayview Hotel in Hualien but it’s all ruined because we are too late to purchase TRA ticket to Hualien (10 days before due date). The TRA trains are all fully booked at all time in that day, so we don’t have other choice so we changed our route to Taipei first and we will go to Hualien tomorrow morning.

For those who want travelling to Hualien, we suggest to purchase the tickets earlier via online. Hualien is a quite popular tourist attraction in Taiwan, so the tickets sold out easily.

After finished our breakfast, we checked-out Hotel and took MRT to Zuoying station to take HSR train at 9.55 am (Zuoying station is connecting with HSR station). Don’t forget to print out tickets at ticket vending machine before enter the HSR gate.

To reach Taipei City need around 1 hour 45 minutes ride. Taipei Main Station is very huge, make sure you know which exit you are heading to. Our first stop is our Hotel to put our luggage before start our journey.

In Taipei we stayed at 2 different hotels, 1 Jan and 2 Jan Morwing Hotel is fully booked so we booked another hotel near Taipei Main Station – Diary of Taipei. We booked from Agoda around Idr 1.300.000 for double bed and included breakfast. To reach Diary of Taipei, exit Z10 (Follow the sign to Front Station Metro Mall, a little bit far from MRT, TRA and HSR station) and after exit station walked around 3-4 minutes to reach the Hotel.

The room a little bit small and doesn’t have sound proof, you can hear people walking and talking in the corridor but the hotel is quite comfortable and clean.

After 4 days in Taiwan, I felt the weather at Taipei city is the coolest. For those who travelling at winter season, need to bring a winter coat or a thick jacket. The temperature usually between 16-18 degree, when the wind blows it’s very cold, feel like freezing.

As it was already noon, we decided to have lunch at the famous Dimsum restaurant which is Din Tai Fung in Taipei 101. To get Taipei 101, we took MRT (red line) to Taipei 101, exit 4 and it take around 20 minute to arrive there.

After we arrived there, we were very shocked to find out that there were so many people waiting for their turn and we were the 80th people waiting on the list which we must wait for about 2-3 hours. 😱

To save our time, we decided to stroll around. Inside the mall, there are lots of famous brands such as LV, Gucci, Ferragamo, Fendi etc. But I think, the prices little bit higher than Hongkong or Singapore prices.

We also visited Zara but there’s nothing we can bought, because all they sell were winter clothes, which will not be compatible with the season in Indonesia (dry and rainy season)

After 2 hours we strolling around the mall, we came back to the restaurant and waited to our turn.

Tadaa! We ordered dumplings and buns:

All NTD 517

From there, we continue our journey to XiangShan. From here, we can clearly see the tower of Taipei 101. To get there, take the MRT to Xiangshan (red line) exit 2. After exit from station, follow the sign to the Xiangshan trail.

The trail is 1450m in length and it needs about 50 minutes to finish the trail. We only walked until the photo spot, where you can take a best picture with Taipei 101 tower as the background.

Many peoples were waiting to take picture of Taipei 101 with a sunset view. The view with sunset is very beautiful! We really enjoyed that moment. ❤️

After enjoyed the sunset view with Taipei 101 tower, we went to Ximending for dinners. To get there, Take Taipei MRT-Bannan Line to Ximen Station, exit no. 6.

Ximending is similar to Shibuya in Japan, You could find anything at this Ximending night market, because this modern night market is completely fulled with clothes, shoes, cosmetics, souveniers, and of course foods.

We try some foods at Ximending:

1. Rice noodles NTD 70, The portion was just enough to share for both of us. The broth was tasteful and the noodles were so smooth. Ate something hot in the cold weather really made our stomach feel good. It’s a must try but you’ll need to wait patiently because the queue is very long.

NB : no table or chair for eating, so we need to stand in front of the stall to eat the misua.

2. Mashed potatoes with melted cheese NTD 80. Mashed potatoes dipped and battered in breadcrumbs and fried it, so the shell of mashed potato is crunchy, they put some ingredients such as corn, ham, broccoli, egg and smothered with melted cheese.

I’m not a cheese lover. For me, eating too much those cheesy deep fried potato could cause nausea feeling in my stomach, so the taste was just so-so. And it is always remind us to eat while the food still hot, if it is getting cold, it would be hard to eat.

3. Hotstar fried chicken NTD 70, the fried chicken is super big, for who want try another foods, We recommend shared with your friend or family.

In my opinion, the Hotsar fried chicken was just average taste, not really worthed after we had the super long queue. We ordered the spicy one, but then it was not even spicy at all, hence it was plain.

4. Pearl milk tea NTD 50, Taiwan pearl milk tea always taste good! I miss Taiwan milk tea so much😩

Most of the shops at Ximending closed at 11 PM. We strolled around Ximending until its almost 11 pm and head back to the hotel to take rest.

See you again in next post!