Hello! This is our last 3 days itineraries in Taiwan.

Day 7: Yehliu – CKS Memorial Hall

After we had our breakfast and checked out from our previous hotel, we moved to a new hotel named Morwing hotel, which we decided to stay for next 3 days.

Morwing Hotel a little bit near to the MRT, HSR and TRA station than Diary of Taipei, to get there exit M6. We booked from Agoda Idr 870.000/Night for standard room, This hotel does not serve breakfast, lunch or dinner menus. But don’t worry, beside the hotel, there are a lot of stalls selling food around the area.😃

The room a little bit small than Diary of Taipei and doesn’t have sound proof, you can hear people walking and talking in the corridor but the hotel is quite comfortable and clean. 👍

After we put our luggage, we went to Taipei Main Station exit East1 (the exit near stall MCD) or near the exit M1 to search bus station – Kuo-Kuang Bus Taipei Terminal.

Remember to buy the bus tickets at the bus ticket counter NTD 96/person and wait for 1815 bus. It needs 1.5 hours to arrive Yehliu Geo park (The entrance fee is 80).

Yehliu Geopark famous with their unique geological formations and the most popular is “Queen’s Head” (女王頭). Besides the Queen’s Head, other remarkable formations include Sea Candles (燭台石), Fairy Shoe (仙女鞋), Ginger Rocks, Elephant Rock, Ice Cream Rock, Kissing Rock, and Princess Head.

*to take photo with the Queen Head, we must queue a long line.

In this area, it is prohibited to use drone because the sea breeze is blows very strong and also prohibited to swim. And always remember not to cross the red line (safety line) for your safety, if you cross the red line, the guards will yell or blow their whistles at you.

From Yehliu Geopark, we continue our journey to CKS Memoriam Hall. To get there, we must head back to the Taipei Main Station (wait the 1815 bus at opposite road to Taipei Main Station) and go to MRT station take the red line to CKS Memoriam Hall.

When we visited the CKS Memoriam Hall, the hall is under renovation. So we strolled around the park and waited for the sunset. It’s just so relaxing!

From there we took our time to buy a famous pineapple pastry in Taiwan – Chiate Bakery. To get there, we took MRT to Nanjing Sanmin, exit 2 and walk straight around 150 m.

To buy some pastry, we also must queue a long line 🤦‍♀️. We tried some of the pastry and my husband like the pineapple pastry with egg yolks and I like the pineapple pastry without egg yolks and strawberry. The cranberry pastry also not bad 👍

You can buy one pc or 6 pc or 12 pc or more and you can choose any flavours you want and mixed in one box.

Day 8 : Shifen – Jiufen – Wufenpu

Today we get up early to take journey to Shifen and Jiufen. Shifen is located in Pingxi District of New Taipei City, to get there take a local train at platform 4 in Taipei Main Station to Ruifang Station and the journey take 35 minutes NTD 44.

After arrived at Ruifang Station, took a train to Shifen. The ticket is NTD 80/person or you can also use IPASS too.

When we arrived at Shifen Station, we can see an old unique train station and along the path, both side of railway are full of shops that sell sky lantern and souvenir shops.

On the line of railway track, many peoples released their sky lanterns . Before their released their sky lanterns, their wrote their wishes in lanters in Chinese words. Likes : 年年有余,身体健康,心想事成, etc. The lantern price about NTD 100-200.

And many people take a photo with the railway track including us😂

Due to the time constraint, we didn’t release the sky lantern. We went to our next destination which is Shifen waterfall by walk, it took around 20-25 minutes to arrive there.

After walk about 15 minutes, we can see an old unique of suspension bridge. Just walked through the bridge and it’s almost near to the waterfall.

Just remember to be back from waterfall before 5 pm. Their closed at 5 pm.

From Shifen waterfall, we continued our journey to Jiufen. To get Jiufen, we must head back to Shifen Station then took a train back to Ruifang Station because there’s no public transportation between Jiufen and Shifen, it’s must back to Ruifang Station to transfer.

To get back at Shifen Station, it’s must walked about 20 minutes again and our legs felt so tired 😂 so we decided to take a local cab NTD 100 and it’s just take a 3-5 minutes to arrive there (How fast a!)

Set your time carefully, the train back to Ruifang Station arrived once in every hour, don’t miss that otherwise you must wait for an hour again. We took the train that arrived at 13.40, and it was fully loaded, so remember to come early to wait for the train.

After arrived at Ruifang Station, walk out to the left side and search a sign to police station (the bus stop near there), walk about 185 m or around 5 minutes. Wait for 788 or 1062 Bus, which took 20-25 minutes to arrive at Jiufen, or you can also take a taxi (the price is same with other taxi, NTD 205)

After arrived Jiufen, we just followed the crowded of people to enter Jiufen Old Street (near 7-Eleven).

Jiufen is famous with their street foods and the iconic tea house – A Mei Tea House.

It was very crowded at Jiufen Old Street. All of the people walk really slow and I found that it’s too stuffy there, so we decided to try something cold like peanut ice cream and taro balls.

Peanut ice cream roll is a very famous dessert at Jiufen, we bought it at the entrance of market NTD 40. It wrapped with traditional popiah skin and filled with shaved peanuts bits and 2 scoops ice cream flavors. This is very delicious!

Taro ball is also a popular dessert in Jiufen. You can find a lot of stalls that sell them so we just pick randomly and bought it with NTD 50.

Last but not least, you can’t visiting Jiufen without go to Amei Tea house! Its an old tea house but believe me, the tourists were just everywhere, even to take some photos you must squeezing each other! And to try the tea, we must waited for a long line.

After queued for 45 minutes , we got a table at the outside of tea house on second floor with some Japanese tourists around us, and the staff can speak a fluently Japanese language too, which was surprised me!

The waiter gave us two different menu, one in English and the other is a very unique menu in bamboo sticks write with traditional Chinese characters. Well, both of us can speak Mandarin but can’t understand traditional chinese characters (both of us learn the simplified version) so we just ordered the tea set in English menu.

After a while, the waiter came with the tea set and explained how to prepare and drink the tea. So when the waiter left, we just trying to make the tea like her said. What a great experience!

Honestly speaking, the tea set was very expensive NTD 300/person. It comes with a small pot of tea, 1 mochi, 2 sugared plums, 2 sesame crackers and 1 small bean cake. Because we are not tea lovers, we felt the tea tasted like another tea, nothing special, but the snacks taste good and I could said the atmosphere in tea house was very great.

We drank a cup of tea and enjoying an amazing jiufen scenery at the same time, it was so relaxing!

We sat there for almost one hour and because our stomach fulled of waters , we kept going to toilet for 3-4 times in an hour 😂.

From there, we continued our journey to Wufenpu (take 1062 bus to Songshan station). While we visited in December, all vendors were selling winter outfits so nothing can’t be bought at there, we just strolling around there and saw a local restaurant so we decided to have our dinner at there (opposite road from enter gate of Wufenpu)

We ordered braised minced pork again (one of my favorite food at Taiwan!) it’s so delicious! Miss this food so much! 🤤

After finished our dinner, we went back to our hotel to take a rest.

I bought some souvenirs when I’m at Yehliu and Shifen though my husband said it was useless, but i think its a must to remain as memories.

• I bought glow in the dark lantern for NTD 75 and when I tried it at home, it couldn’t work! If I kew that, I would have bought the normal type one instead of wasting money on that lantern.

• I bought the honeycomb princess (I think that one is the cute one) for NTD 180 at Yehliu souvenier center, it’s pretty expensive but rather than feeling regret on the future, I decided to buy it.

Day 9 : Back to Medan

After checked-out from hotel, we walked to Taoyuan Airport MRT (not to far from our hotel) and bought train tickets NTD 160/ticket (or you can also use a Ipass/Easy card to pay).

We choose the Express (purple sign) to Taoyuan Airport, it needs 35 minutes to arrive A12 (Terminal 1 station) or 39 minutes to A13 (Terminal 2 station).

Bye Taipei, Bye Taiwan! 🇹🇼